Stella Stracciatella

As a child, Stella was cute, but not sweet. She had that Mediterranean temper that made everyone hide behind the furniture when she got mad. Every object within her reach was smashed to smithereens. One day, during one of her tantrums, the only thing she could reduce to bits was a block of chocolate. She tasted one of the tiny broken pieces… and calmed down. Her mother instantly started baking cookies full of those chocolate bits, and that has become the recipe that still gives her that sweet and generous smile today. But if ever they run out, you’d better run off, before the smashing begins…

INGREDIENTS: potato starch*, eggs*, butter (milk)*, cane sugar*, tapioca flour*, milk chocolate* (7,2%) (cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, whole milk powder* (1,7%), cocoa mass*, vanilla powder*), dark chocolate* (3,6%)(cane sugar*, cocoa mass*, cocoa butter*), natural vanilla flavor*. *Product organically grown.  Store in a cool dry place.


Energy: 1718Kj/411Kcal

Fat: 20,6g of which saturates 13,2g

Carbohydrate: 53,6g of which sugars 23,5g

Proteins: 3,0g

Salt: 0,08g.

ALLERGENS: milk and eggs. May contain traces of hazelnuts


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