Who are we ?

Notre biscuiterie artisanale vous propose une gamme de produits biologiques et sans gluten. Biologiques, sans gluten et… gourmands!

C’est en effet bien la gourmandise qui nous guide dans la confection de nos produits. Notre atelier se situe à Bruxelles, au croisement du canal et de la Senne, où nous créons des plaisirs pleins de saveurs dans le respect de la tradition biscottière et boulangère belge.

Our bakery offers a range of organic gluten-free biscuits handbaked in small batches in Brussels. Our mission is to make cookies that taste fabulous using gluten-free ingredients. That way our products will appeal to everyone, including people who don’t have allergies or intolerances.

Our ingredients are organic and most of them come from local quality producers. No wheat, soy, corn or food additives (the famous « E » ‘s on food labels) are being used but alternatives such as buckwheat, tapioca or potato flour.

Our workshop is located in Brussels, at the crossing of the canal and the Senne river, where we create little indulgences full of taste in the true Belgian tradition.