Pierre P’tit Beurre

P’tit Beurre is a rascal, but unlike other rascals, he doesn’t hide a herring in your shoes, unscrew the lid on the salt jar or dip your toothbrush in vinegar. Instead, he uses his rascal skills to secretly slip biscuits in your pocket, or uses his slingshot to shoot some  through an open window. If you open your medicine cabinet and there’s an avalanche of sweet-smelling crazy delicious butter biscuits, you know who has found his way into your bathroom. If Pierre is a bad boy, who wants to be good? 

INGREDIENTS: gluten-free flours* (rice*, potato*, tapioca*), butter* (milk), cane sugar*, psyllium*, baking powder (tartar cream, corn starch*) salt.

*Product organically grown.

Store in a cool dry place.


Energy 1910Kj/455Kcal

Fat 19,3g, of which saturates 12,5g;

Carbohydrate 64,9g, of which sugars 22,5g

Proteins 4,0g;

Salt: 0,28g.

ALLERGENS: May contain traces of hazelnuts, almonds and eggs.

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