Chocolate Kid

Life on this planet is not without danger. Unknown forces try to shut down your system in broad daylight. They pull your eyelids down, make your legs too heavy to run fast, or suck out your memory so you can’t think of any answers during a test. Fear not, because here comes The Chocolate Kid with his secret weapon full of cocoa and other unbeatable good stuff. Go go Chocolate Kid!

Ingredients: gluten-free flour* (wholegrain rice*, oat*, buckwheat*), sustainable (RSPO) palm oil*, cane sugar*, cocoa powder*, almonds*, chocolate*, oligofructose*, natural vanilla flavor, salt. *Product organically grown.


Energy 1872Kj/454Kcal

Fat 23,7g, of which saturates 10,0g;

Carbohydrate 48,6g, of which sugars 15,6g

Fibers 8,3g

Proteins 7,5g;

Salt: 0,7g.

ALLERGENS: May contain traces of hazelnuts, milk and eggs.

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