Martine Matin

Martine has so much energy that she finishes her day in half a day. In the afternoon she stares very energetically out of the window, reads enormous books about renewable energy with super fast eye-hand-movements, and in the evening she jumps with a triple flipped somersault into bed, then hyperactively dreams action-packed dreams. But when one day, Mathilde saw a very tired man waiting at the bus stop, she made a resolution: the world’s energy urgently needs to be more justly distributed. So she started baking cookies chock-full of energy with oats and raisins, to give everyone the opportunity to finish the day earlier and stare energetically through the window.

INGREDIENTS: gluten-free oats* (oat flakes*, oat flour*)(34%), raisins* (21%), sustainable (RSPO) palm oil*, cane sugar*, coconut powder*, tapioca flour*, sugar beet syrup*, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate. *Products organically grown. Store in a cool dry place.


Energy: 1896Kj/453kcal

Fat: 21,4g, of which saturates 11,1g

Carbohydrates: 57,2g, of which sugars 32,7g

Proteins: 5,9g

Salt: 0,02g

ALLERGENS: May contain traces of hazelnuts, milk and eggs.


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