Apple Boy

For such a small hero, Apple Boy has very big powers. He wants to free the world from dark moods and evil frowns that take over children’s foreheads. He saves most of his victims right after school, and just before homework, by throwing delicious apples wrapped in positively good stuff at them. No frown on the planet can handle so much goodness.

INGREDIENTS: gluten-free flour* (wholegrain rice*, oat*, tapioca*), vegetable oil* (palm*, sunflower oil*), apple juice concentrate* (12%), cane sugar*, oligofructose*, natural apple flavour*, salt, cinnamon*, lemon juice concentrate*. *Product organically grown.


Energy 1912Kj/457Kcal

Fat 19,2g, of which saturates 8,4g;

Carbohydrate 62,0g, of which sugars 17,1g

Fibers 6,1g

Proteins 5,3g;

Salt: 0,69g.

ALLERGENS: May contain traces of hazelnuts, milk and eggs.

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