L’Essentiel wishes to participate to the flourishing of the disabled person and his family by proposing both activities and a place of reception for people with disabilities. Those activities are co-organized by people with disabilities themselves in a recreational and natural setting, and are intended for the entire population, able bodied and disabled.

The project dates back to the early 2000s. It originated in the mind of Doctor Michel Englebert, parent of a child with cerebral palsy. He often wondered what would become of his child. How can I guarantee him all the well-being, fulfilment and comfort that I want to give him on the day I will no longer be able or no longer there to take care of him?
Simple and relevant reflection that has also matured in the minds of patrons and other stakeholders from various backgrounds.

After long research on the ideal place, the Chaussée de Louvain site was acquired in 2008 and renovation work began in 2011. To federate such an ambitious project, a common solidarity was put in place, thanks to the active participation of individuals, families, associations, businesses, not to mention volunteers and the public sector.

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