Nativitas, called “La Bicoque”, located in the heart of the Marolles in Brussels, is a daytime reception center, a house of conviviality for disadvantaged people. It is open to any poor or isolated person regardless of their age, origin, culture or religion.

Your donations are welcome.

Donations in kind :

  • food for the preparation of meals.
  • crockery, glasses, cups,… for serving meals
  • Clean clothes in good condition for their wardrobe.
  • Soap, shampoo, shower gel, disposable razors for their showers.
  • Flea market goods: household appliances, toys, decorative objects, …

Donations in kind can be delivered from Monday to Friday at Nr 118 van de Hoogstraat, preferably between 9:30 am and 11:30 am and between 2 pm and 5 pm.

Financial donations:

Nativitas asbl, IBAN: BE32 3101 3030 1402, BIC: BBRUBEBB

Your gift will allow Nativitas to finance their daily activities:

  • Purchase of food for varied and balanced meals.
  • Financing of emergency services, social services and cultural activities.
  • Financing of the transit homes.
  • Costs for water, gas, electricity.
  • Maintenance and work on the buildings.
  • Insurances.

Nativitas is allowed to issue a tax certificate for donations of 40 € or more. These may occur either one or more times in a calendar year.

Following the health crisis, the Belgian State has decided to increase the tax deductibility of donations. In 2020 you can get a tax reduction of 60% on amounts paid.