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In school, Claudine Cuisine got everything mixed up. She thought the Vikings were the first people on the Moon, and that algebra was something fish fed on. Little did she know that she was blessed with an extraordinary gift. But many years later, it became impossible to ignore the way Claudine created magic in the kitchen, by instinctively throwing together the most unexpected ingredients, always in the perfect proportions. She’s simply a genius when it comes to adding and subtracting to multiply the pleasure. Even her old math teacher can’t get enough of it.

INGREDIENTS: corn flour*, rice flour*,  corn starch*, tapioca starch*, natural vanilla flavour. Acidity regulator : potassium bitartrate. Raising agent : sodium bicarbonate. * Product organically grown. Store in a cool, dry place.

GEMIDDELDE VOEDINGSWAARDEN/100G: Energie 359Kcal/1523Kj; Eiwitten 3.6g; Vetstoffen 0.75g, waarvan verzadigde vetstoffen 0.19g; Koolhydraten 83.63g, waarvan suikers 0.45g; Zout 0g.